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Mostrando entradas de septiembre, 2013

Escolta gratis para mujeres en Berna

Free escort for women in Bern thanks to the WuShi Program.

"We went to the Baldachin every Friday night from 22:00-01:00 for four years. There are only ten of us ( you have to swear to defend women and children to the death)  and we were burned out after 4 years. Now, we go irregularly.  Also, any woman who is being stalked and the police cannot help her, can call the school for a Wu Shi. We escorted a nurse from the Lindenhof after her night duty for three months. A woman going to town who is worried about being out late, can call the school or my privat number anytime and we will have a Wu Shi to  meet her for an escort home. The school is a shelter for women and their children and they can come in (the door is always unlocked) to rest, use the Klo or spend the night. We are getting 3 more men who want to be Wu Shis so I hope we can start going more often again." (John Lash)
Video (en Alemán). Me parece una iniciativa estupenda y desde aquí mis felicitaciones al …

Gazpacho de pepinos de la huerta

Muy rico y el perejil también es de la huerta. 500grs de pepino
Medio aguacate
Vinagre, agua y sal

Primeras mazorcas del huerto

Qué ganas de hincarle el diente....